30 things you can definitely relate to if your BFF is essentially your long lost twin

Twinning never goes out of style

We’ve all seen those heartwarming stories pop up on our Facebook feeds where two friends find out that they’re ACTUALLY siblings.

Quite honestly, they’re crazy af but at the same time TOTALLY make us wish that our BFF turned out to be our twin.

After all, if the Golden Trio taught us anything it’s that we should ALWAYS go above and beyond for our closest pals and having a twin would be soooooo neat.

Tbh we love our friends SO much that we’d even go to the extreme lengths that actual twins, Becca and Cassie Greenfield do in James Patterson’s new book ‘Crazy House’.

We might even break them out of a jail cell.

Just don’t tell our parents (or the police) that, okay?

If you’re like us and your best friend is essentially your long lost twin, you’re going to relate to LOADS of these epic posts we scoured the Internet for.

No, seriously, they’ll make you feel soooooo warm and fuzzy inside. From cute text messages to some hilarious memes, best friends really are the best!

Can you guess the celeb twins from just TWO clues?

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1. You and your BFF have THE BEST sleepovers

2. You guys totally act like this in public

3. You guys have got sooooo many future plans

4. Your BFF totally know WHO you should end up with!

5. You’ll always make time for each other

6. Your bestie will ALWAYS have your back

7. You’ll totally match at prom

8. In fact, you guys will probs GO to prom together, too

9. There’s only one option when it comes to Starbucks drinks…

10. You always buy each other care packages

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11. Your BFF totally looks at you the way Josh looks at Tyler

12. You guys are THRILLED when you see each other

13. This will be you guys in 50 years time!

14. Your BFF is a bit needy but it’s 100% okay

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15. You’re not afraid to admit that you’re both a little crazy

16. Your texts will resemble something like this…

17. You only need each other

18. You guys are basically twins

19. You’re not afraid to defend your BFF’s honour

20. You always tell each other the truth

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21. You always hang out together

22. You’ll drop anything for them.

23. Car journeys go something like this…

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24. They play the best pranks

25. You’ll always forgive them

26. They’ll always take *fire* Instagram shots for you

27. You’re their ultimate cheerleader

28. You know that your future kids will be BFFs

29. You guys are just general jokers

30. And, your farewells are emotional!

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Tell us a story about your BFF in the comments below.

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