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QUIZ: Are these quotes from Riverdale or 13 Reasons Why?

Can you tell the difference?

Get excited, guys and gals! There’s a new teen drama in town and it’s SERIOUSLY pulling on our heartstrings*.

13 Reasons Why is the show’s name and in case you haven’t already heard (where the heck have you been? MARS?!) it’s the latest Netflix original that everyone’s 1000000% freaking out over.

*We haven’t cried this much since One Direction announced their hiatus, tbh. 

So, why’s the show soooooo good? Well first up, the series is an adaption of the hit YA novel by Jay Asher. It’s a heartbreaking story that addresses high-school bullying and teenage suicide.

Told ya it was sad!

Alongside Selena Gomez producing the series, there’s a flippin’ excellent cast of actors (Katherine LangfordChristian NavarroDylan Minnette and Justin Prentice – to name a few) who take on leading roles. 

It also has more in common with our other Netflix fave, Riverdale, than you thought. Not only do both storylines start off with a death, but actor Ross Butler plays a jock in both of them.

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In Riverdale, Ross’ character (Reggie Mantle) is the master of mischief. Whilst in 13 Reasons Why, Ross has the chance to delve into a darker personality with Zach Dempsey.

Ross recently spoke to Teen Vogue about the two different shows:

“I think they would get along. Zach would be one of Reggie’s friends or one of his buddies. Like, if he saw something morally wrong that Reggie did, he wouldn’t speak up about it,” he said.

Woah! Not sure about you but we think a Riverdale x 13 Reasons Why crossover would be nothing but drama. There’s no way Jughead would get on with Alex.

As for Clay, whatever happens keep him away from Cheryl! She’d eat our poor baby alive.

How well do you know the difference between Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, though? Let’s play a game. Below are 17 quotes, simply decide which of the two TV shows they belong to.

Ready, set, goooooo!

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