A Literary Guide to Winnipeg

Faith from Bookish Randomz talks about the best places for bookish people to visit in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a place you’ve probably never heard of… Unless you’re from Winnipeg, if so, hi!

I know what you’re thinking, where in the world is Winnipeg? Well, it’s in Canada, now when you think of Canada you usually think of Vancouver or Toronto—you know the popular tourist cities that are really pretty. While British Columbia is filled with mountains, Winnipeg is a prairie and therefore it’s pretty flat.


However, even though we aren’t the most appealing city to look at, there is still stuff to do, believe or not. Winnipeg is a place filled with heart and history.

Authors from Winnipeg

Miriam Toews


Author of, ‘Irma Voth’. Manitoba born-Miriam Toews has worked in freelance newspaper as well as a radio journalist. She has a collection of works under her name including a memoir about her father, ‘Swing Low: A Life’ and a Canadian bestseller ‘A Complicated Kindness’ which is actually a Governor General’s Award winner for English Fiction. ‘All My Puny Sorrows’ is her most recent release.

Andreas Oertel


Known as the “The Tallest Writer in Canada,” Andreas Oertel was born in Germany and now lives in Mantioba. Writing being his favourite occupation, his works have received many milestones. His middle-grade book is critically acclaimed, and has been nominated for the following awards: Silver Birch Award, Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award and the Charlotte Award.

Books Set in Winnipeg

finding-winnieThe first book is, ‘Finding Winnie’ which is the true story of ‘Winnie The Pooh’. If you didn’t know already, the famous yellow bear’s origin came from a tiny bear cub named after Winnipeg.Yes, Winnie The Pooh is now basically an American Brand but they wouldn’t have Winnie The Pooh if it weren’t for the famous cub, Winnipeg or Winnie for short. It’s honestly just a really fascinating story and it has so much significance to Winnipeg. It’s also just a story that nobody really knows, and I think it’s really a really heart warming and cute story.

dear-canadaThe next book is part of a series called ‘Dear Canada’. I’m sure that if you’re from Canada and have been in your school library, you’ve probably seen these books. This series is a collection of “diaries” that tell different stories from a young girl who is experiencing a tragedy or war in their life. They all take place in different places in Canada, however, this one just happens to be set in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Best Bookstores

A bookworm needs books! So before you go around Winnipeg searching for the perfect place to read, you need to get book or two. It’s always nice to go to a large chain bookstore, but there are lots of great small booksellers in Winnipeg.

121003_mcnally_sMcNally Robinson Booksellers

It’s great to support local or Canadian brands, McNally Robinson is an independent bookstore with only TWO locations in Canada. Not only do they have a great selection books ranging from all genres, they have a restaurant located inside! They also have great selection of pastries, so if you’re ever craving a chocolate croissant, McNally Robinson is the place to go.

bison-booksBison Books

If you’re a lover of anything old then Bison Books is the place for you! This store probably has one of the most interesting book selections I have seen. There are things in there that I didn’t even know I wanted. Bison Books is a place where I can definitely get lost in the shelves for HOURS.

The Best Places to Read

The places I’m about to list are not only excellent places to read, but they’re just a really great place to hang around as well.


The Forks

the-forksThe Forks is one of my favourite places because it’s kind of like a mini city. There are so many things to do. If you aren’t in the mood for reading, you can go and visit the various stores inside! Or you can head over to the Neon Cone and get an ice cream.

The Forks is a very historic site and it’s super interesting to learn about if you’re interested.

It’s often a very peaceful place to just relax or read. I personally enjoy going beside the river and watching the many, many boats and boat tours pass by. Also, if you come at the right time you’ll probably come by some ducks or Canadian geese.


The Forks is also a great time to go and ice skate during the Winter!

Kildonan Park

This is one of my favourite places because it’s so peaceful! I rarely ever go but I still enjoy my time when I’m there. Part of the park does look a little bit like where the Teletubbies would’ve lived. This park does also have various activities for children and different attractions that are super fun to see.

While I do love the park itself, there is one annual thing that I love doing when I’m there and that’s to see a musical at Canada’s longest running outdoor theatre, ‘Rainbow Stage’. Summer is one of the best times to come and visit Winnipeg because there are several things that happen in the span of two months.


Every year, ‘Rainbow Stage’ puts on a certain number of musicals. Some of my favourite shows they put on include, ‘Sister Act’, ‘Les Mis’, ‘Cats’, ‘Shrek The Musical’, ‘West Side Story’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

However the park itself is definitely a really nice place to read! It’s visually very pleasing to look at, and there isn’t much noise depending on the area you are in.

Thank you so much for reading! Also, thank you to Maximum Pop for allowing me to write this for them!

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