John Green, Stephanie Perkins and 7 other authors we desperately need another book from

One of the most painful bits of being a book lover is the agonising wait for the next book from your faves. But we guess a year wait isn’t too horrible, but 3 years is cruel.

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Some authors that we desperately need new books from are:

John Green

It’s been about 100 years since ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, right? Or, well, 2012, so basically 100 years.


In John’s videos, he has revealed that he’s working on a new book, but with touring and movies and a new baby, it’s been a little busy. Hopefully soon?

Anna Godbersen

We fell in love with Anna Godbersen’s series’ ‘The Luxe’ and ‘Bright Young Things’ back in the day, but we haven’t heard a peep from her since 2013.


We want more of that scandal, romance, tragedy and drama in our lives. Please?

Holly Black

Holly Black, Queen of the Faeries, is a paranormal YA legend and we basically re-read her YA books on a constant loop. But we want some new blood.


Holly’s vampire tale, ‘The Coldest Girl in Cold Town’, came out in 2013 and although her new faery series is due to land in 2018, we might die before we get there.

Luisa Plaja

Luisa is a lovely lady who writes gorgeously warm and funny teen stories, but it’s been 3 years since a new book by her landed on shelves.

book hug agnes

She’s a sweetheart of UKYA and we need more.

Stephanie Perkins

It’s only been two years since Stephanie Perkins last brightened up our reading lives with ‘Isla and the Happily Ever After’ but we’re already desperate for more.


We’ve heard rumours that Stephanie’s next full-length novel could be a horror and we’re hella curious.

Emily M Danforth

Emily Danforth’s debut novel came out way back in 2012 and we haven’t heard anything since.

crying jess new girl

And that is a hell of a shame as ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ is hands down one of the best books we’ve ever read.

Sara Zarr

Sara Zarr’s most recent book, ‘The Lucy Variations’, came out in 2013 (we’re starting to think that 2013 was cursed…) and nothing solely written by Sara has hit the shelves since.


The need for her emotional, drama-wrought and intense books is real.

Lucy Christopher

2013 strikes again! Lucy’s thriller ‘The Killing Woods’ was her last novel and it’s so time for another.

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Though she does teach at a rather fab uni as well so I guess we should let her off…

Julia Green

Julia actually teaches at the same university as Lucy, and she writes middle grade fiction too, but we really want another gorgeous contemporary YA from her.


Her last, ‘This Northern Sky’, took us to the beautiful Hebrides and we nearly made the epic journey there ourselves because it sounded so wonderful.

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