7 times Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman were the perfect couple

How do I get to heaven?

ICYMI: Troye Sivan and his model boyfriend are legit #couplegoals.

We’re so completely *heart eyes* over Troye and his new beau Jacob Bixenman. We just can’t get enough of Tracob! From them getting loved up at the VMAs to their Instagram debut, it just doesn’t get cuter than this.

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Here are 7 moments when they proved they are literally the most adorable pair in existence:

1. When your boyfriend is your #1 fan

This is so cute we’re gonna cry.

2. Over protective boyfriend goals

These two are so adorable.


Height differences are everything.

4. Jacob’s starring role in Troye’s latest music video

This LGBTQ+ anthem wouldn’t be complete without Troye’s very own boyfriend now would it? Jacob put those good looks to good use when Troye got up close and personal with him in ‘Heaven’.

Aren’t they adorable?

5. Their Instagram debut

Jacob captioned a hilarious snap of the pair – the first ever to hit Insta – as “HEAVEN”. How cute!


A post shared by JACOB BIXENMAN (@jacobbix) on

Can they just get married already?

6. Here’s why this photo is extra cute

Don’t get us started on how far the gay rights movement has come

7. They went to the #WomansMarch together in DC

And we all know that a couple that politics together stays together.

Do you think Tracob are ultimate couple goals or are you still firmly shipping Troyler/Tronnor? Let us know down below which pair you love more and why.

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