Ashton Irwin just made every single one of Troye Sivan’s fanboy dreams come true and there’s hope for us yet

Whatever chill we might have had is well and truly LOST

We lve it when our fanboy/ fangirl dreams actually become a reality. It does happen, you know. If you obsess long and hard enough, the chances are your fave will notice you. That is, unless you’re kinda creepy…

Well, that’s that. We’re never daring to go to sleep ever again.

But no lie, only 0.01% of us are mentally deranged and the rest of us are sweet as pie. In fact, we are so nice that we just love it when a fellow fan succeeds in achieving their wildest dreams. Troye Sivan is not only a YouTuber, pop star and all round awesome dude, but also the original fanboy.

We remember the days when he would record covers of 5SOS songs from his bedroom and tweet out hoping they would notice him.

“Apparently I am kind of a big fan of 5 Seconds of Summer”

Reminds us of us really…

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Well, now after all these years it looks like Troye’s teenage dreams have fulfilled themselves.

Ashton Irwin is always so supportive of other musicians, which is one of the reasons why we have his poster on our walls and gaze at it lovingly every night.

And now Ashton has shown his love for Troye’s new video for ‘Heaven’ with one day-makingly sweet tweet:

And Troye loved it!

We’re glad Troye took the time out to smell the roses and appreciate that how far he has come since his bedroom fanboying days. If you became famous who would you most like to receive a tweet from? Head to the comments box to declare your love to the world.

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