14 satisfying snaps of floofy butts guaranteed to make your day 210% better

Much floof, very wow!

We’re giving you photos of fluffy animal bottoms, what more do you actually need today? Nay, this week! There is literally nothing more satisfying than gazing upon these round, squishy floofs. You’ll want to squeeze them with your hands and smush them in your face.

It all started because some dude is breeding chinchillas with derrieres to rival even the most bodacious Kardashian. Srsly. Baby got back:

Who knew it was possible to feel such a mighty need to poke something in the backside? You see it from the front and it’s like “aww”:

Credit: Cameron’s Chinchillas

But then the thing turns around and POW it shoves this right in your eyeballs:

Credit: Cameron’s Chincillas

Can we just… They’re so… GAH!

Credit: Cameron’s Chinchillas

Literally, the need to squeeze has taken over our bodies so hard. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Special care and breeding, apparently. This is just how these little guys grow. Big, fluffy butts. What’s not to love?

I tried making my own Harry Potter temporary tattoos and it was surprisingly easy!

QUIZ: Can you remember which film these minor Disney characters are from?

Chinchillas aren’t the only creatures to grace this earth with buxom buttocks. We found these fancy pomeranians:

Captioned as “two cute little butts”, we couldn’t agree more! Just wanna smush that fur in our hands. But maybe we need to go bigger. Like, REAL BIG! Cos, you know, we like big butts and we cannot lie…

These others pandas can’t deny…


The shiba inu, the Doge, has such a satisfyingly floofy butt and you probably never even realised! It’s definitely up there with our faves on this list. Oh, dogs.

Such butt! Much amaze. So floof.

Ok, so this one we THINK is a corgi. But it could also be a fresh loaf of bread. The jury is out:

The corgi has got it going on though! FANCY PANTS:

Seriously… It’s like POW right in your face. Makes you go DAYUM!

Oh deer! Even these does are in on the action:

Hang on a minute though… What even IS this flamboyant trio of floofs?

But nothing, not even a well-rounded chinchilla, can beat the Queen’s own corgi:

EMBRACE THE FLOOF! Is it a totally acceptable kind of obsession? Are you feeling pretty good now? Cast your vote and let your floofy butt pride waggle!

Which is your fave floof? Tell us in the comments below!


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