VOTE: Which celebrity dog is the real MVP?

MVP meaning most valued pooch, obv.

Article update!

Perrie Edwards’ dog Hatchi just peed in the kitchen! OMG

Serious question, guys – do you ever find yourself looking up to the moon and the stars and just wishing you were a dog?

We’ll take that as a yes.

Seriously, just imagine how awesome it’d be. You’d get to sleep and eat all day long, cuddles would be on tap and you wouldn’t even have to deal with a daily dose of Trump ignorance. Bliss does exist, people, and it comes in canine form.

Perrie Edwards just went dogstagram official and the fandom is in meltdown

Perrie Edwards’ dog doing the mannequin challenge is hands down the best thing you’ll see this year

QUIZ: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

And as if that wouldn’t be epic enough, just imagine being the dog of an uber-famous celebrity like Perrie Edwards or Camila Cabello. They’d be begging to be YOUR BFF and fighting for YOUR attention. Err, hello, talk about living the dream.

Basically, you’d be canine royalty, and there ‘aint nobody gon’ question you if you chew up their Louboutins or pee on their best socks. Brilliant.

See how much love you’d get?

Happy Sunday! I’m struggling to get out of bed today. NEED ALL THE MOTIVATION

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So much cute we can’t even.

But which pooch is the ULTIMATE MVP? That’s most valued pooch, btw. To solve this most difficult of conundrums, we’ve put together this handy poll. All you need to do is upvote your fave famous canine (if you can choose between them, that is) – and they’ll be in with a chance of winning the much admired title of MP! MVP 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Get voting…and make sure to leave a comment before repping your fave. You know they deserve it. 

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