11 moments we all wished we were Emma Watson

Every young girl around the planet looks up to Emma Watson and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, we spend hours every day wishing we had her life. From being cast in the Harry Potter films age nine to her awesome address at the UN Headquarters in New York, here are 11 times we definitely wish we were Emma Watson:

1. When she was cast as Hermione Granger

We’re not jealous, we’re not jealous, we’re not jealous. (We’re so jealous.)

2. Or when she got to interview Malala Yousafzai

Two seriously awesome, empowering ladies in one room?! We can’t handle the #girlpower from these two – they’re so cool.

3. When she somehow managed to film a bunch of movies AND graduate from university at the same time

We could just about manage to balance our school lives with our social lives, never mind living the A-lister life on top of that!

4. When she gave an incredible, empowering address at the UN Headquarters to launch her #HeForShe campaign

5. And when she crashed the site when she was announced as a UN Goodwill Ambassador because she’s so crazy awesome

6. When she met JLaw at Paris fashion week and they both blew us away

7. When she walked down into Hogwarts’ Entrance Hall looking like all our #promgoals combined

Seriously, we all wept at her beauty.

8. Or when she wore this 100% sustainable (yet still gorgeous!) dress to the 2016 Met Gala

Beauty AND sustainability? Sign us up!

9. When her #HeForShe campaign gained the support of heartthrob Harry Styles

10. And the ever-talented Tom Hiddleston…

11. And pretty much every other awesome celeb, who all wanted to do their part for gender equality

We love them all.

Emma Watson is one awesome lady, and we wish we could be her. Do you share our burning desire to walk a day in her life? Let us know @maximumpop!

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