‘Tis the season to wear rainbows! Here’s our beginners guide to your first Pride

Pride festival season is in full swing now, with lots of events coming up over the next few months and we know that many of you will be attending your first Pride events, so we’ve decided to create an essentials guide just for you so you can be prepared.


  • Backpack


A backpack means you can carry everything and have your hands free, so it’s a total win-win situation.

Get this one for £24.50 from Vans

  • Rainbow flag

Rainbow harry

How can you attend pride without a flag?! eBay have some festival-friendly flags and you can get various sexuality-themed ones including bisexual, asexual and transgender if you want to show your pride.

Get one from eBay for £2.45

  • Comfy shoes


ASOS trainers

As much as heels look fabulous, they’re pretty uncomfortable to be walking around in all the time. So the best footwear in our opinion is comfortable shoes such as trainers.

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  • Water


As much as you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, you need to keep hydrated. Make sure you have water on you and drink plenty.

  • Colourful accessories


The more colour the better. From bracelets to shoe laces, anything goes. Hair chalks are a great way to create a bold look.

Get this from Blue Banana for £3.99

  • Money


Having money is pretty important as there’s a lot of opportunities to spend at Pride. Whether it’s merch, food or anything else – make sure you save in advance so you can ensure you can have a good time.

  • Picnic blanket

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 14.47.26

Whether you plan on having an actual picnic at Pride or just needing somewhere to sit, a picnic blanket is always a good idea.

Get this one from The Works for £5

Got any other essentials we should add to this list? Tweet us @maximumpop and have an amazing time!

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