I tried baking Zoella’s Apple Crumble Cupcakes and… nearly had a mental breakdown

Why I decided to put myself through this again, we’ll never know. But when Zoella uploaded her latest baking video, the idea of Apple Crumble Cupcakes felt like too good an opportunity to miss out on. And even without my usual camera assistant (ahem, my sister), I thought it would be a doddle and that I was fully capable of achieving Mary Berry standards after our incredible Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuits.


But, tbh, I just got hella flustered and wanted to throw in the towel — or wooden spoon — before I’d even truly begun…

After watching the video, I was pleased to see that Zoella had also posted the list of ingredients and method of her recipe onto her blog. So whilst I laboured over a bowl and spoon, and mixed, mixed, mixed until I’d done a gym-worthy workout, I managed to take it step by step by using her glorious blog post.

Step 1: Sort your apples and do your usual cake mix yummyness.

Shoutout to my dad for letting me use some of his pre-made apples. If only he were here making the apple crumble cupcakes, ’cause I can tell y’all for free his apple crumbles are 10/10, would recommend.

Step 2: Once your cake mix and apples are folded in together, get together your ingredients for the crumble. 


It’s time to get your hands dirty — literally. You’re only going to achieve that crumbly texture if you’re getting your fingers all up in your crumble’s grill. No fancy kitchen aid can do this job.

Step 3: Spread your crumble out onto a tray with baking paper and put your appley-cake mix into your cupcake tin. 

My tip for you is to not be stingey with the cake mix per cupcake. I ended up with some nicely risen ones and others that were a bit, well… flat. As you can see below.

Step 3: Make your icing… And maybe don’t forget to add vanilla extract and cinnamon. (Mine just tastes very brown sugary!)

Step 4: Take both out the oven, although be aware that the cupcakes themselves take longer than the crumble will to make. Check every five minute intervals. And then start… decorating!


As you can see, this is an ‘in progress’ shot. On some I have begun the first layer of icing and crumble. Others are naked and ready to be modestly covered… Eh?

Step 5: Get that piping bag and nozzle and try not to screw up.


Zoella makes it look very easy, as do the contestants on ‘Great British Bake Off’. I, on the other hand, found it pretty blooming difficult. If I ever were to appear on ‘GBBO’, it would for sure be the Comic Relief version…

The result:


And here we have about 50% of the complete cupcakes. Obvs I was only go to show you the half decent ones, although even these have some questionable piping going on…

Still, they look pretty scrummy, and although I found the whole ordeal pretty stressful, I’m hoping they’ll taste better than they look.

I’m no Mary Berry and I probably won’t be attempting this again — at least not without lots of help. Sadly, baking definitely isn’t the calming experience for me as it is for some people. But it was fun trying… Sort of.

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