Expectation vs Reality: How much of a fail was our attempt at #TanyaBakes shortbread?

We’re not gonna lie to you, we’re definitely not culinary geniuses. In fact, when left to our own devices at dinner, all but neglected by our parents whilst they have some posh food out with their chums, we generally opt for a quick bung-in-the-microwave meal. It’s easy and we don’t run the risk of accidentally poisoning ourselves. But with Tanya Burr bringing out her new baking book, ‘Tanya Bakes‘ we kind of couldn’t resist the yummy treats.

Tanya Burr x

So we started off somewhat easy with the first recipe in her book, chocolate chip shortbread biscuits on page 15. The question is, was it a complete disaster, or did we come out victorious?

Step 1: Gather and measure out all the necessary ingredients.


Step 2: Mix all that good stuff together with your hands and get dirrrrrty!

unnamed (2)

Step 3: Mix until you get a sticky, doughy consistency, so that you’re able to put it all in a ball like below and roll it out.

unnamed (3)

Step 4: Cut it up into wonderful biscuity sections and put into the oven to bake. Take out when golden and cut through with a knife to make sure they’re still separated post-bake. Then wait until they’ve completely cooled.

Step 5: Take a ridiculously #foodporn worthy picture and have a taste test…

unnamed (1)

The result: They were FREAKING amazing.

We definitely surprised ourselves with just how good these turned out. Not only do they look like the pictures in ‘Tanya Bakes’, they actually tasted seriously scrummy. So much so, we’re already thinking about baking another batch.

Speaking of which, let us know which recipe of Tanya’s you might like to see us whip up next? We’re feeling pretty confident at this point — maybe we should go big or go home and put together a Yule log?! Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know!

‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr is published by Michael Joseph, £16.99

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