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This MASSIVE Hollywood star Skyped Zoella to give her career advice and we are JEAL

OMG you won’t believe who it is!

We’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty jeal of Zoella, right now! Why? Well, it’s not every day you get career advice form a HUGEEEEE movie star.

In a recent Q&A for her channel, Zoe was asked whether she ever felt like she wanted a life without YouTube and fame.

To fans surprise, she answered yes and revealed that she nearly quit YouTube all together a couple of years ago.


She said that she really struggled with YouTube for a little while and wasn’t sure whether she could handle fame or was worthy of it. Omg… of course you are, Zoe!

As heartbreaking as the news is, there is an upside to it, though.

It was actually Cameron Diaz who helped Zoella get back on track. The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress Skyped her and shared some precious words of wisdom.

In the video, Zoe said:

“When I was struggling with that stuff, Cameron Diaz actually Sykped me… And that is something I’ve never shared before, but it was such a huge help. She Sykped me for, like, an hour and a half, and we just talked, and she coached me. She basically gave me the best tips that I have carried with me in order to get back to a good place.”

The YouTuber didn’t reveal what tips Cameron gave her, but she did say that she was ridiculously nice.

“It is weird being well-known. It’s weird. It’s not something you can learn anywhere, so to have her give up some of her time to speak to me meant the world to me, and she is honestly one of the loveliest people in the world.”

So we basically have Cameron Diaz to thank for Zoe continuing with her channel. Woweeeeee!

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Let’s not forget Zoe has also dished out some superb career advice in the past, too!

She wrote a great feature for The Guardian that gives you some hints and tips on how you can successfully ace YouTube.

Here are six of our favourite gems.

1. Don’t be afraid to NOT follow trends

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As we all know, there are heaps of YouTubers out there who create videos on hundreds of different things – gaming, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, you name it, it’s there!

But Zoe said you shouldn’t be afraid of posting videos about what YOU want. Create them about the thing you enjoy most “however silly the subject matter” and don’t be afraid of not fitting in or following trends.

2. Be yourself

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Linking onto that, Zoe also said that you should be 100% yourself when it comes to YouTube.

“People follow me because I am just a normal person, and they can relate to me,” she says.

So there’s no need to develop a character or put on a front – just be true to you!

3. Put the effort in

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You shouldn’t put on a character when filming your videos, but you SHOULD put the effort in – even if it means googling any issues or problems you might have whilst filming/editing.

“Whenever I have a technical question, or something isn’t working, I ask Google and that usually throws up the answer,” she says.

4. Engage with your followers

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Zoe also said that engaging with your followers and fans is important. If people are commenting on your channel, always find the time to reply or thank them for watching.

5. Do this on ALL your social media platforms

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We’re adding to Zoe’s advice, here. But one thing we really love to see YouTubers doing is replying to people on ALL platforms.

Talk to your followers on Twitter or reply back on Instagram. Even if it’s just a little like – kindness and gratitude goes a long way!

6. Turn off once and a while

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As well as all the tips above, another great piece of advice from Zoe is to switch off every now and again. It’s important to spend some time offline and not be sat in front of a computer all day.

Go for a walk or meet up with your friends during the day!

Let us know what you think of Zoe’s advice in the comments below.

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