This Vine reveals the last thing Zayn said as a member of 1D. Our hearts are breaking all over again.

Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?

WARNING! Please do not enter if you’re not emotionally ready for this. We can’t be held responsible for your actions once you watch this Vine.


So this is it.

This is the very last thing that Zayn said on stage as a member of One Direction. This could be a hard watch for some of you guys. Don’t worry; we’re here for you. Let’s do it together…

QUIZ: How compatible are you and Zayn?

QUIZ: Who said it – Gigi Hadid or Zayn Malik? 

Steel yourself, this is prime weep bank material.

We’re suddenly super emosh all over again. If only we could turn back time and make him reconsider… We need a hug!


Of course, it didn’t turn out all bad. We did get a brill debut album from Zayn last year and ‘#PILLOWTALK’ is still the jam. Silver linings!


Have you recovered yet from Zayn’s departure? Let us know in the comments.

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