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Zayn’s got a brand new hairstyle! Can you guess the year by his hair?

He’s had soooooo many hairstyles

It’s no secret that Zayn Malik loves changing-up his hair. He’s had approximately 45367281964 hairstyles* within the past four years and (obviously!) we’ve loved every single one of them.

*Okay, maybe it’s not quite as many as that. But there HAVE been one heck of a lot. So many that it makes us dizzy just thinking them.

Zayn being Zayn, naturally he’s decided to debut a whole new style, recently. Can he actually keep a haircut for more than a month?! We think not!

Anyway, he posted the new ‘do on Twitter and we ALL got ourselves in a bit of a tizzy over it. Why? Well, it’s a hairstyle that’s he had before – only this time he looks about 10000000% hotter.


That’s right, Directioners, the green hair is back for 2017! Oh, how we’ve missed it. Zayn first had green hair way back in 2015, this time it’s a slightly different shade, though. It also looks bloomin’ amazing with his longer locks.

It actually is!

Not sure why he’s with a monkey but (!!!!!!!!)


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Err… Is Zayn ditching his solo career for a new boyband?

But, how well do you know Zayn’s hair? Would you be able to guess the year based on his hairstyle? Obvs, we had to put your trivia to the test in a fun game.

Don’t worry, Directioners! It might seem tricky but we have total faith in you. Get ready, get set, goooooo.

How did you do? Leave us a comment with your score in below. 

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