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NOT COOL! Zara Larsson was bullied into restarting Twitter by ’13 Reasons Why’ fans

It ain’t her fault!

In the mere 19 days since its release Netflix original series ‘13 Reasons Why’ has turned into a genuine phenomenon. According to Refinery29 over 3.5 million people tweeted about it in its first week, making it the most tweeted-about show ever by a large margin.

It is the metaphorical Helen of Troy of Netflix originals, having launched (well in excess of) a thousand memes into the ether.

Mostly the show has received very positive acclaim for its portrayal of mental health issues and delicate handling of the thorny subject of teen suicide. However, ‘13 Reasons Why’ was never going to be to everyone’s taste and apparently Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson was less than impressed, sending this tweet last night.

A few minutes later Zara then sent this tweet in response to a user who had questioned her view on ’13 Reasons Why’:

She then proceeded to receive a tirade of bile and abuse on Twitter from users who have been firmly inducted into the ’13 Reasons Why’ fandom. As ever, things got very out of hand with people even claiming that Larsson hated Selena Gomez, ’13 Reasons Why’s’ executive producer.

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After suffering from these hate messages Zara decided that the only option was to delete her whole tweet history and start afresh.

While Zara Larsson seems to have taken the Twitter abuse in a good natured way, it really is unacceptable for people to bully her for her opinions on social media. One of the reasons why ’13 Reasons Why’ protagonist, Hannah Baker, chose to take her own life was due to bullying, which makes it even more shocking that supposed fans of the show would do the exact same thing to defend it. They have clearly missed the entire point.

It really is very ironic and disappointing, a fact which was not lost on a lot of Twitter users.

Can we just learn to accept other people’s views without criticism please. You may not agree at all, but in a free society everybody is entitled to say how they feel.

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Written by David Farrell

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