YAS! Harry Styles is rumoured to be collabing with one of our faves and we actually want to cry


In this weird old world there are several things which are a good match: pancakes & Nutella, Ron & Hermione, Little Mix & leotards, the Snapchat dog filter & our faces, pumpkin spice & lattes

But there are also several things which aren’t a good match: Trump & walls, Trump & Presidency, Trump & his own Twitter account, Trump & unlimited fake tan supplies, Trump & any tiny position of power.

But who would you match Harry Styles with? Louis Tomlinson? Probs. Nick Grimshaw? Maybe. Yourself? Definitely. Ed Sheeran? UM…

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They may seem like an unlikely pairing, but rumour has it that Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles *could* be collaborating together in a duet at tonight’s BRIT awards.

Ever since Ed revealed that he’ll be singing with a ‘special guest’ at the awards, the world has been speculating like wildfire about who said ‘special guest’ is.

And then this happened…

Speaking in an Instagram live interview, Ed admitted that he has heard a couple of Hazza’s new songs – and he thinks they sound AWESOME.

He also seems to have a pretttttyyy good idea as to when Hazza’s new material will be released…not that he was about to give anything away.


That’s lead the Twittersphere to speculate whether the pair will be duetting at tonight’s ceremony.

Oh, and as if that’s not knicker-wettingly exciting enough, people are also speculating that ONE DIRECTION WILL BE REFORMING AT THE BRITS. OHMYGODCANNOTBREATHENEEDTOSITDOWN.

Louis is BUZZING

Now we just need to wait and see if the boys turn up together. If they do, we will quite possibly  most certainly lose our TINY LITTLE MINDS. OMG.

For now we’ll just have to wait and see if One Direction reform/Ed Sheeran duets with Harry/Harry releases some of his solo material – but if we’re honest, we’re not sure we can take this stress much longer.

Think you REALLY know Harry Styles? See if you can tell which weird facts about him are true, and which are false. 

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