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WATCH: The trailer for the LAST EVER episodes of ‘Teen Wolf’ is here but there’s one MAJOR character missing!


It’s finally dropped, werewolves and banshees! The first trailer for the second half of the final ever season of ‘Teen Wolf’ has arrived and it looks soooo good.

Obviously, fans of the show know that the first half of season 6 aired way back in November. We saw Scott and the gang kick some ass against The Ghost Riders.

It’s been a long and tedious wait for the second half of the season, though, and naturally that wait hasn’t been made any easier knowing that these are the LAST EVER episodes of ‘Teen Wolf’.

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But, enough of our sobbing. Have you guys got any ideas on who the big baddie of Season 6B will be? Well, surprise, it’s someone we’ve seen before.

You guessed it, it’s the hunters. They’re back and Chris Argent‘s voice is even more chilling than before.

Told ya! We’ve still gotta lot of questions about the final half of the season, though.

It’s noticeable that one MAJOR character is missing from the trailer. He’s a fan fave so you can see why we’re all a little upset over it.

That’s right. Where on earth is our fave Stilinski? We were all hoping that Stiles would make a dramatic return to Beacon Hills to help out his BBF and we’re not the only ones.

Fans desperately want Stiles to return. Just take a look at the comments on the YouTube trailer.


No one can deal

Hey, Stiles! Where are you?


OMG, Stiles! Hurry up and come back!

Please, calm these people down, Stiles

Of course the actor who plays Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) has been busy filming the incredible ‘Maze Runner’ films since leaving the show. But, we still have high hopes that he’ll make a cameo.

Who would you like to see return to ‘Teen Wolf’ for the last ever season? Let us know in the comments below.

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