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QUIZ: Choose a high school subject and we’ll tell you which Teen Wolf character you are

Stiles Stilinski will be sitting opposite you in math… just saying

Love Teen Wolf more than you love life itself? Of course you do!

It’s one of the best shows out there and you guys know it.

Of course, the last episode of season 6 had us OMG-ing in every way possible.

Obvs, we’re not gonna be *that person* who gives away any spoilers – after all, some of you might not have seen streamed it yet! But SERIOUSLY… How are we supposed to wait for the second half of the season to air later this year?!

It’s pure torture and the fact it’s the FINAL EVER episodes only makes the wait even worse.

QUIZ: Are you more like Lydia Martin or Allison Argent from ‘Teen Wolf’?

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So, whilst we count down the days till it airs, the team have put together a super fun quiz that’ll get you in the mood to rewatch your fave episodes on Netflix.

To play, all you have to do is choose your favourite high school subject out of the two listed below. Dead, easy right?

C’mon Werewolves, let’s give it a go.

Who did you get? Let us know in the comments below.

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