First kisses, celebrity crushes and the best ‘Never Evers’ moments: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison interview each other!

The authors of hilarious school ski trip novel ‘Never Evers’, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison, are here to interview each other about  first kisses, celebrity crushes and ‘Never Evers’. 



  1. Who’s your favourite character in Never Evers?

Connie. When we started writing Never Evers, I was a year nine form tutor. Connie is based on a girl in that form and even now when I hear her around school I think ‘That’s so Connie!’ She 100% Hufflefuff too…just like me.

  1. Tell me about YOUR first kiss…

Nick and Jess dancing

Well, it was a horrible winter’s night in Blackpool. I was wearing a teal coloured swimsuit fabric criss cross back maxi dress, with slits up both sides. It was exactly like one Baby Spice had. Anyways, basically my cousin set up the kiss for me. It was with a boy called Daniel in the middle of the dance floor. Smooth.

  1. Describe our writing partnership in three words…



  1. Do you think it’s harder being a teenage boy now than it was when you were a teen?

I think a lot of the basic stuff is still the same: worrying about how to talk to the people you fancy, worrying about school, worrying about embarrassing yourself in public… Worrying about everything, basically – but also trying desperately to make it seem like you’re NOT worrying. But in some ways I think it must be harder to be a teen boy (or girl) today – mainly because of technology. The fact that everyone is now carrying a camera and video camera at all times means that something bad or embarrassing that happens to you can now captured FOREVER. There’s tons of awful, cringey stuff that happened when I was a teen, or at school, but it’s just in the memories of the people who were there – it’s not up on YouTube, or whatever, immortalised for all time. So that must be very tough.

  1. Who is your celebrity crush?

Cher gum

I always say Scarlett Johansson, and I’m well aware that’s a really boring choice. HOWEVER – I definitely fancied her before everyone else did. I fancied her back in ‘Ghost World’. So there. My first major crush when I was about 12 or 13 was Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’, which I think still stands up. She is both hilarious and ridiculously fit.

  1. What is your favourite bit of ‘Never Evers’?

I really love the bit early on when both school groups first arrive at the ski resort, and the boys are creeping about in the snow outside the hotel trying to knock on the girls’ window. I feel like that bit’s really fast, and fun and exciting. Plus, there’s a hamster involved (no spoilers – you’ll have to read it…). But probably my favourite line if when the girls are talking about becoming witches, but not wanting to practice the dark arts. Connie says: “It’s fine, we’ll just tell people we’re all about the light arts” and Keira replies: “That sounds like we design lamps.” That always makes me laugh.

‘Never Evers’ tells the hilarious story of a group of girls and a group of boys meeting at a ski lodge and getting entangled with a French popstar. 

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