Throwback Thursday TV: Saved By The Bell

Who remembers ‘Saved By The Bell’? It was one of our faves back in the day. We loved coming home from school and chilling out with Zack and the gang. But what are they up to now? tumblr_mohveuGknJ1qajc4eo1_250

Mark-Paul Gosselar aka Zack Morristumblr_mr3nkenR5y1qgnsnbo1_500

Before we fell in love with Harry Styles, we crushed on Zack Morris. The troublemaker stole our hearts with that killer smile and those luscious blonde locks. Where can you catch the Zack attack now?

After graduation he went on to solve crimes in ‘NYPD Blue’ as Detective John Clark Jr. After that he went into law and played the lead role of Jerry Kellerman in ‘Raising The Bar’.  And most recently he was the attorney Peter Bash in ‘Franklin and Bash’.

Zacky boy did all right didn’t he?

Mario Lopez aka A.C. Slater anigif_enhanced-22201-1434296653-3

A.C. Slater was the best frenemy Zack could ever ask for right? We loved his macho man behaviour and when he flexed. But what is he up to now?

Mario is a very popular TV presenter and probably the most successful cast member. He’s hosted a bunch of popular shows in the U.S. including ‘Extra’ and ‘The X Factor USA’.

Fun fact: He came second place on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2006.

Dustin Diamond aka Samuel ‘Screech’ Powerstumblr_mpy9omNB1y1s9362xo1_500

Oh Screech. The geek with a heart of gold. He defo inspired us to purchase those red converse we never wear. But where did it go wrong?

Mr Diamond has had a small number of guest appearances on various TV shows and films. He also went into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother‘ house in 2013, it was top banter wasn’t it? And he was arrested in late 2014 for reckless endangerment and possession of a knife.

Sad times, sad times.

Tiffani Thiessen aka Kelly Kapowski cCr2Hyh

Kelly was everything we wanted to be. And we shipped her and Zack before we even knew shipping couples was a thing. What is our fave girl doing nowadays?

After the show Tiffani starred in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ as Valerie Malone. She also starred in ‘Fastlane’ as Wilhemina ‘Billie’ Chambers and most recently as Elizabeth Burke in ‘White Collar’.

Fun fact: Tiffani currently has her own show on the Cooking Channel titled ‘Dinner at Tiffani’s’.

Elizabeth Berkley aka Jessie Spano anigif_optimized-29542-1425519932-1

Jessie was without a doubt the smartest girl in Bayside. She always knew what she wanted and how to get it. She seems to be doing okay for herself too, get it girl!

Elizabeth has had quite a few minor roles in various TV shows and films. And she also had a self help programme for teen girls in 2006 titled ‘Ask Elizabeth’ (we love her for this). Staying on the self love path, she published a book in 2011 with the same name as her programme. She also did a stint on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2013.

Lark Voorhies aka Lisa Turtletumblr_loy6rk1yg21qhqme4o1_500

Lisa was the rich girl with amazing style and a super witty personality. She is the quietest cast member but we managed to track her down…

Lark has been featured in various shows, films and music videos since her Bayside days. She also self-published three books and in 2012 she was cast in a small film titled ‘Closer To God: Jessica’s Journey’.

It looks like the coolest kids in Bayside grew up and settled down.


Why don’t you hop onto Netflix and watch ‘Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style’ for all the nostalgia


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