This ASOS hack will quite literally change life as you know it

Buy more – spend less!

Just when you thought ASOS couldn’t get any better, the online-retailer has introduced a brand new shopping hack that’ll will, quite literally, change your life. Little Mix were probably singing about this hack in ‘Change Your Life’, tbf.

According to Refinery29, you can save as much as 20% by buying ASOS multipacks as opposed to individual items. Sounds like every shopper’s dream, right?

Of course, some of the packs feature your typical bulk-buy savings – socks, underwear and leggings, to name a few. But there are also some which have some insanely nice stuff in them.


Two stripe tees for £14.


Two pairs of ballet flats for £22.


Two pairs of jeans for £38? SIGN US UP.

The retailer even has multi-packs for branded goods and jewellery, so you can treat yourselves several times over. It’s basically like Christmas day happened 5 times in a row. Check out this pack of five New Look rings and this set of four chokers. What a money saver!

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In addition to launching more multipacks, ASOS have also made other changes to their website this year. The company launched an online ‘size estimator’ in January.

The tool allows you to type in your height and weight. It will then predict the size of the garment that you should buy.

It can also tell you the percentage of shoppers who did/did not return the buy

Pretty handy, right? Of course, the tool isn’t always spot on. But when you combine it with the knowledge you have of your own body, it sure does help on cutting down those trips to the post office.

Plus it’s great for those who don’t regularly shop online and aren’t familiar with those far too daunting size guides and PDFs.

What do you think? Do you find ASOS’s new size estimator useful? Let us know what you think of the tool and the new multipacks in the comments below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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