Taylor Swift admits to stalking fans online, claims it’s “not creepy”

Taylor Swift has revealed that she stalks her fan online, but does it because she cares.


Taylor admitted to stalking her fans’ social media profiles in an interview with Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw.

Speak about her new hobby, Swizzle told Grizzle(?) “Stalking not in a creepy way but because I care; it’s in a caring way! You can learn a lot about somebody by looking at their pages.”

The ‘Shake It Off’ also told all about that awesome time when she sent a fan $1,989 dollars to pay off their student debt.

“This was just a girl I sent some things to because what she was blogging about was student loans stuff. It’s something that makes me happy. I’m lucky that I have sweet and cool fans that like to make me a part of their life. And especially this year I try to go above and beyond to really be a part of their life.”

Watch the amazing video of Taylor Swift fan Becky receiving her gifts below:


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