Taylor Swift sends fan $1.989 to pay student loans, it wouldn’t be any other number would it?

Who knew it, Taylor Swift gets even nicer than we already thought she was! Recently Taylor sent a fan $1,989 to help pay off her students loans.

She added a cute little hand written note to this fan and drew love hearts around it. She is probably one of the most cutest and loveliest people out there.

Not only did she do this, but she sent Rebekah a series of other gifts in the post.

These thoughtful gifts were all sent in a box by ‘Swift Ex’.

In this there was a hand written letter to Rebekah thanking her for the video that she had made which cheered Taylor up a lot. She also says about how her text posts on tumblr always manage to crack her up.

Also, in the package, Rebekah received a polaroid of  Taylor painting flowers for her.

Taylor lied in the letter saying how she wasn’t a good painter because the painting for Rebekah is beautiful! It made us smile!

Finally, in this package Taylor included one of her old necklaces. This gift for her fan was so very well thought out and put together. You can see how much Taylor does care for her fans!

Taylor shows a lot of love for a fans, proving once again just how damn nice this lady is.

Our love for Taylor just won’t stop growing, she is truly an amazing woman.

Give us a comment in that box below and let’s fangirl over Taylor.

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