Sorry Taylor, imma let you finish but these are the best Madonna live collabs of all time

So, this happened.

And by this we mean Madonna reducing the biggest pop star in the world right now to a backing musician , and it was… it was alright, to be honest. What we really wanted to see was Taylor, currently at the height of her powers and on top of the world, really join forces with Madonna to belt out M’s new killer tune. That, or the two go to vocal war The Voice style.

Like this:

Much more like it; dancing! Turn-y around walls (very Marina)! Not inviting Timbaland to provide live vocals!

Probably one of the biggest girl power moments ever, with one of the most iconic award show controversies thrown in to boot. Also: it’s much more fun promoting your new song when you mash it up with one of your classics. And as Katy Perry knows full well, bringing Missy on makes any performance better.(Sorry for the subtitles, it was the only version we could with sound)

Okay, this one was pretty much all mimed but it more than made up for it with all the songs included, the choreography, the not-at-all-stole-from-Kylie costumes, all the cray cray s**t going on AND all the guest stars (and LMFAO).

Still the best Superbowl Halftime Show, and she didn’t even fall over (just struggled to get up on stage at the 4 minute ish mark).

This one just gives us faith in humanity.

Having said that, we’d take a kind of boring ballad than this cringe-fest anyday:


Isn’t ironic that the Madonna/Britney/Christina performance and the ‘Me Against the Music’ video/single was meant to be Madonna passing down the torch to the newer generation and yet her new album has done much better than both Britney and Christina? POWER OF THE QUEEN.

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