Marina and the Diamonds gets all serious and minimal in the video for ‘Forget’

From the tree that is Marina comes a new ‘FROOT of the Month’ and March’s delicacy is something that won’t be to everyone’s tastebuds. Here’s the video for ‘Forget’:

This one’s already divided fans, and the comments on YouTube are full of debate whether this is high art or just boring, and whether or not Marina should be making Nicki Minaj/Miley style sexy videos.We’re a bit torn ourselves to be honest. Not on the sex symbol thing; Marina isn’t that type of popstar and we’re happy for it, although we are glad to have other popstars who love to shake their booty. We get the whole minimalist colour/art thing too, but whilst we appreciate it, we’re not sure we enjoy it. There’s only so many shots of Marina and her band on one side of the wall going to her singing solo on the other side of the wall we can take before we start looking for the video for ‘Oh No!’ in the sidebar.

But hey, at least Joey Graceffa loves this song.

Joey Graceffa Marina

Thanks Joey.


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