MP! Style Guide: These 5 things could be making your skin break out

If you struggle with bad acne or just the occasional blemish, it’s possible that some of the little things you do everyday could be affecting your complexion. Here are 5 little changes you can make to help keep your skin clear.

Wash your pillowcase

You press a lot of your face up against your pillow every night, so chances are the pillowcase is covered in dirt and oil—even if it appears perfectly spotless. Switching to a clean pillowcase every other day will give you a clean place to lay your head.

Use speakerphone

All the dirt and oil on your hands transfers to your touchscreen phone all day long, and then you hold it up to the side of your face when you make calls. Use speakerphone as much as you can, and when you have to hold your phone to your ear, wipe it clean with an alcohol-based lens wipe first.

Beware of your hair

All the stuff you use on your hair—shampoo, conditioner, and styling products—all contain pore-clogging ingredients that can easily come into contact with your face during washing and during the day. Be careful when washing to rinse thoroughly and wash your face afterward, and cover your face when using hairsprays.

Skip the wax

Waxing takes off a layer of skin and leaves hair follicles vulnerable to irritation, causing bumps and pimples. If you can, tweeze or use depilatory cream on your face instead, and always follow with a swipe of alcohol or witch hazel to kill any bacteria.

Clean your makeup brushes

Brushes collect all of the oil and dirt on your face, and can grow bacteria. Follow this guide on how and how often to wash your brushes to make sure they don’t cause you breakouts.

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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