Are you washing your makeup brushes enough? And are you doing it right?

Jenny Patinkin, celebrity makeup artist and founder of her own line of makeup brushes, spoke to PopSugar about how to correctly love and care for your makeup brushes. Because let’s be real, we’d be nothing without them.


Here are the biggest takeaways from Jenny’s advice. Listen up.

  • Don’t share

One person’s bacteria is not another person’s treasure.

  • Let the brush shape be your guide

To avoid distorting your brushes, Jenny says, “Domed or round brushes can be swirled, while flatter shapes should be dragged from side to side.”

  • Synthetic brushes need extra time

They don’t absorb product, but they can get weighed down by it, especially foundation.

  • Wipe brushes with a towel, not paper

Paper towels, toilet paper, and tissue can all leave little bits of paper in the brushes.

  • Use alcohol-based brush cleansers for a quick clean, and made-for-brushes shampoo for a deep clean

Quick cleans between deeper ones will help keep bacteria at bay. Dish soap works for synthetic brushes only. According to Jenny, using a spray cleaner every two weeks and doing a wet wash every month is plenty.

  • Drying matters as much as washing

Jenny recommends squeezing excess water out of the brushes and then taking the time to reshape the brush head by hand so it dries into the proper shape. Let them dry over the edge of a counter so they get air flow on all side.

Good brushes are an investment, so follow Jenny’s advice to keep your brushes looking and acting their best. Your skin and makeup will thank you!

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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