SOAPELLA: Is Zoella ditching YouTube to become a soap star right under our noses?

That would DEFINITELY have us watching!

There’s no denying that Zoella is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a sublime YouTuber, but she also edits, bakes delightful goods, sings like an ANGEL, and she convinced Alfie to do yoga with her (getting your boyfriend to agree to couples yoga is a true life skill, trust us).

But despite Zoella’s ever-growing list of talents, it looks like there’s one we all missed – until now that is. As it turns out, Zoe is actually a TV actress in the making, and she’s already had a cameo in one of the UK’s BIGGEST soaps. *gasps* 

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Yesterday night, Zoe made an ‘appearance’ on Coronation Street (otherwise known as Corrie, if you’re a hardcore fan). Her big moment happened when one of the soap’s teen characters, Bethany Platt, said “I’ll be Weatherfield’s answer to Zoella”.

Here’s the video so you can watch IRL:

As you’d expect, Zoe was OVER THE FLIPPIN’ MOON to be mentioned on Corrie…but not as happy as her Nan (awwh):

Zoe’s fans were also quick to congratulate her on her ‘big break’:

We’re proud of you too, Zoe!

To be fair, we’re not actually that surprised to see Zoella’s name mentioned on Coronation Street. It is meant to be a ‘super realistic’ show, and Zoe is one of the biggest YouTubers out there. Tbf the Corrie bosses would be crazy to ignore her!

But Zoe’s potential soap career doesn’t end there, because word on the (Coronation) street also has it that she’s well overdue an appearance on Emmerdale.

The whole thing started when Zoe was having a chat with BFF Mark Ferris about the soap winning at the NTAs.

Emmerdale fans then made the call for Zoe to make an appearance on the show…an idea we are TOTALLY on board with.

Tbf, she absolutely NAILS the Yorkshire accent (well, sort of):

Ey up Zoe, that was a right good effort! Sorry.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Zoe donning a flat cap and getting stuck in on Emmerdale farm during lambing season though? Or would you rather see her pulling pints with Steve in the Rovers Return? We’re not sure we can choose, so leave a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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