This adorable interview will morally oblige you to get Rose and Rosie into the Urban Dictionary!

It’s only fair tbh

Let’s discuss the term “couple goals”.

Here’s Urban Dictionary‘s definition of the term:

But, just a sec, who the f**k are Ruby and Harrison? What person born after 1943 could possibly be named Ruby? And, unless we are referring to dishy Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford, who do you know who is called Harrison? That’s a last name, goddamit!

But we wouldn’t be so shady as to criticise someone else’s thoughtful addition without offering an alternative suggestion. That would just be wrong. So we decided to submit our favourite YouTube couple, Rose and Rosie as a definition for “couple goals”.

Fast forward ten minutes later and we get back this message.


We wanted to prove that we weren’t just spammy spammers by demonstrating to everyone what a perfect couple Rose and Rosie are. When we met the adorable YouTube pair we did a quick fire round of questions to test how well they know each other and, no surprises, they aced it!

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We met Rose and Rosie – the YouTube sensations who are better than most YouTube sensations

MP!: Hi Rose and Rosie! Let’s test how well you know each other. Who wants to go first?

Rose: I’ll go first.

MP!: OK! So the game is simple – you have to guess the Rosie’s favourite colour, pet etc. and if you get it right you earn a point. There are ten questions overall. Got it?

Rose: OK!

MP!: Let’s kick things off with Rosie’s favourite video you’ve made together?

Rose: Ooh is it the ‘Bacon’ one?

Rosie: YES! I’d say ‘Bacon’.

MP!: Favourite TV show?

Rose: ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Rosie: Yes.

MP!: Favourite film?

Rose: ‘Spiceworld’

Rosie: Yes.

MP!: Most embarrassing secret?

Rose: She picks her nose and eats it!

Rosie: Haha yes!

MP!: Pet peeve?

Rose: When I don’t listen.

Rosie: Yeah that probably would be it.

MP!: Celebrity crush?

Rose: It’s James McAvoy for Rosie.

Rosie: Yes.

MP!: Biggest fear?

Rose: The dark.

Rosie: Yes!

MP!: First kiss?

Rose: Oh god. I’m never gonna get this.

Rosie: His name was Fish

MP!: Fish? FISH?

Rose: Who was Fish? Your pet?

MP!: Care to elaborate about Fish?

Rosie: I went and hung out with my step cousin and she was kind of a dotty character. She took me down an alley and introduced me to her friend Fish and he kissed me haha!

Rose: Oh my god!

MP!: We are sorry you had to go through that.

Rosie: It’s fine, Fish was awful. He lived up to his name.

Rose: Woah, how have I never heard this story before?

Rosie: Oh and he looked like a guy from Blazin’ Squad. And I was wearing a beret haha!

Rose: OMG we should make a video about this.

MP!: Appropriately, the next question is what was the name of Rosie’s first pet?

Rosie: I just said the name before in a different interview. What was my porn star name, remember?

Rose: Oh was it Bytheway.

Rosie: No, the first name!

Rose: Oh Minnie! Haha.

MP!: And to finish off, what is Rosie’s favourite colour.

Rose: Pink

Rosie: Yep.

MP!: Okay, that is 9 out of 10, that’s pretty good. Your turn now, Rosie. What is Rose’s favourite video that you’ve done?

Rosie: Ohhhh. That’s so hard.

Rose: Have a guess.

Interviewee: I think it maybe the one we uploaded the other day about your first solo album.

Rose: Yeah, at the moment it’s my favourite.

MP!: Favourite TV show?

Rosie: Buffy.

Rose: Yes, correct!

MP!: Film?

Rosie: Oh, you love ‘Into the Wild’.

Rose: INCORRECT! For the record, it’s ‘Sister Act Part 1’.

MP!: Most embarrassing secret?

Rosie: Was it when everyone called you “Minger Square”?

Rose: HAHA Yes. I had a backpack that I’d just bought from Poundland. I wore it home and it was really big on my back and this group of boys from my high school just went “Urg, you square”, which was really mean. Then they called me a “minger” afterwards. And then it became “Minger Square”. I think some of my audience call me that because I accidentally let it slip haha!

MP!: Well, at least now you’ve turned it into a positive thing.

Rose: YEAH! Look who’s laughing now haha. “Minger Square” is.

MP!: Pet peeve?

Rosie: Oh, Rose hates when I cook and make a load of mess.

Rose: Urg, you drop all the food on the floor!

MP!: Celebrity crush?

Rosie: Camila Cabello.

Rose: Of course.

MP!: Biggest fear?

Rosie: She hates flying.

Rose: Yeah, I do!

MP!: First kiss?

Rosie: A girl called Freya.

Rose: No, that was my first gay kiss.

Rosie: Oh it was that guy in the box. Box boy!

Rose: Yes, Ben!

MP!: Okay, so your first kisses were with Box Boy and Fish. Safe to say you are doing better now.

Rose and Rosie: Haha.

MP!: First pet?

Rosie: Hammie.

Rose: Yes.

MP!: And favourite colour?

Rosie: I think it’s purple. Or red.

Rose: You know what, it’s actually maroon so it’s neither of those two, or a combination of both.

MP!: Okay, we won’t give you that one, so that’s 8 for you, Rosie! Good result all round!

SEE! Didn’t we tell you that these guys are legit the definition of couple goals!? So join us in adding Rose and Rosie to the Urban Dictionary here and don’t forget to send us screenshots of your definitions on Twitter!

Rose & Rosie tour are hitting the road from 23 April this year, embarking on a 6 date UK and Ireland tour. Grab tickets here.

Article update: Our goal to get Rose and Rosie added to Urban Dictionary has worked. YOU ROCK, FAM!

Nice touch there ☺️

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