MP! Reviews: A track by track review of Room 94’s self titled album. It’s fab-u-lous.

We were over the moon here at MP! when we heard the news that the Room 94 lads were releasing a brand new self titled album. Well we’ve had a cheeky listen and our jaw kinda dropped.

‘So What’ opens the album as the first track, if you haven’t had chance to see the video for it yet, go do it now by clicking right hereee! A top video for a top song, we reckon ‘So What’ was a great choice as the album opener, it gave us a little taster of what was to come…

We can’t help but dance to track two, ‘Dirty Dancing’ is a tune and a half – take a little behind the scenes look at when we headed down to have a chat with the lads on set of the music video! #DustForDays

‘Monday’ is the third track and we absolutely love it, like it will literally make our Mondays better! ‘Too Young’ has a heavier sounding chorus than previous tracks by the lads, but a pop undertone remains, making it an easy track to listen (screech along) to.


‘X’s’ is the track which took us by surprise, it’s not what you’d expect from the lads at all! The heavier chorus is pretty contrasting to the spoken verses, but it’s fair to say this song has grown on us a LOT since we first listened to it – pretty darn clever if you ask us!

The lads already treated us to ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Chick’, if you haven’t already, go have a cheeky listen. You’ll love it, promise…

If you’re looking for a party track, or just something to have a little dance around to, then ‘Gimme The Night’, will be your thaangg. We’ve definitely found our new jam.

‘Tell Me What Love Feels Like’, is the one for you pop-rock lovers, it’s the perfect blend, with a seriously catchy sing-along chorus.

It wouldn’t be a Room 94 album if there was only one party song on there. ‘Party Anthem’ is exactly what it says on the tin and we can’t get it out of our heads…helllppp!

‘Poison’ takes us back to the lads heavier sound, there may even been a bit of shouting mid song… It also wouldn’t be a Room 94 album without an emosh song, ‘Your Song’ brought a little tear to our eye – cheers guys, we weren’t prepared for this shiz.


With a pop-rock sound and relatable lyrics, ‘You’re So Last Week’ is on of our faves from the album. We love ‘Meet Me On The Dancefloor’ it just made us feel like going out to party (in reality we actually just danced around the room – hardcore).

‘Radio’ is yet another catchy number and we can’t get enough of it! ‘Pills’ follows ‘Radio’ and is a much darker track, we thought we were all prepared after listening to the first tear-jerker on the album, but nope the guys went and threw another one in there!

‘Good Life’ is the last song on the album; it’s a bonus track, with a fun party sound. We reckon it’s a great song to finish the album on and sums up the lads pretty well!

It’s fair to say some of the tracks on this album took us by surprise – but we love surprises here at MP! It was cool to hear vocals from Dean and Sean on some of the tracks, and hear a few different sounds from the lads. Whether you’re after a pop party tune, or a heavier rock sound, this album will have something for you. It gets a huge thumbs up from us, believe us when we say it won’t disappoint.

Room 94’s self titled album is out February 15th and you can pre-order it right here. 

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