WATCH: Room 94 are pretty much mermaids in their new video for ‘So What’.

We always had our suspicions that Room 94 were mermaids, especially Sean, and with that new red hair we’re pretty darn convinced…

Wet & Wild

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Well it looks like we were completely right after all; the lads have released a brand spankin’ new video for their ridiculously catchy track, ‘So What’. They only went and filmed the whole bloody thing under water!

Yes you heard us right, the video sees the lads singing, drumming and strumming away under water, as if it comes naturally to them. (Although a little birdy told us Kit kinda nearly drowned…it’s fine though he’s all good so you’re allowed to chuckle if you like).

Take a look at the video in all it’s fabulousness right now:

Amazing stuff right? If you didn’t know already the guys are also releasing their self-titled album on February 15th – now long to go nowww. Who’s going to be grabbing a copy?!

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