Ronan Keating is 1D af, we miss them already as well pal

The boys of One Direction are currently in the midst of their long awaited hiatus. You know to recharge and come back stronger than EVER.


However, Ronan Keating advises the boys to get back together ‘sooner’ to avoid any ‘bitterness’ between them as they go off doing their solo stuff. Umm…


Speaking from experience, Ronan says “If they genuinely have had enough and want to go solo, I say go solo and live the dream.They’re all great lads and superstars in their own right, so they should go off and have careers.”

“But if they are genuinely taking a break, then don’t let it be a long one. Get back sooner, because someone else will come along and replace them – or bitterness will start to fester between them.Or let the world know if it’s a break-up, and go and have great solo careers. But don’t be in this limbo land, because there’s danger in that”

We know for a fact that the boys are coming back, with them reminding us every chance they get. So everyone…0

or nipples. Let us know what d’ya make of this over at @maximumpop

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