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Quiz: Is this Welsh or is it totally made up?

Can you tell?

Set in the rainy hills of Wales, Michael Grant has taken our soldier girl Rio Richlin on a training expedition for the US Army in ‘Dead of Night’. It’s cold, it’s wet and Rio’s pretty sure they’re lost. Rio may only be in training, but spending the night in a creepy old Inn may actually end up leaving the fate of the world in the hands of these soldier girls.

That must be so scary. Thousands of miles from home; cold, wet and lost; and maybe even encountering a language that you never knew existed – poor Rio.

Welsh is confusing. We know fluent Welsh speakers who still get confused, and we even have a Welsh member of the team who doesn’t actually speak the language! But surely you can tell it from made up words, right?

WIN! Get your hands on the mesmerising Sin Eater’s trilogy by Mel Salisbury

Quiz: What % basic bitch are you?

If you’re a Welsh speaker then you’ll ace this quiz, but if not – well, good luck…

We told you it was tough!

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Sophie Waters

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And the winners are… WIN! Get your hands on the mesmerising Sin Eater’s trilogy by Melinda Salisbury

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