ATTENTION! QUIZ: What’s your soldier nickname?

Come on, chin-strap!

Everyone needs a nickname. Even if it’s one you secretly call yourself (or your friends, but we’re not advocating LOL nicknames behind people’s backs).

For Rio, Frangie and Rainy they live in a soldiering world where nicknames are the norm in ‘Silver Stars’. It’s part of keeping morale up and bonding a team together. Are you a Bucky McNuggets? Or more of a Canned Peaches?

You might earn your nickname from the pets you choose to keep, or from the way you style your hair. Heck, it might not even make much sense. But we’ve chosen to go simple.

QUIZ: Would you survive basic training in WWII?

QUIZ: Which Marauder are you?

All you need is the name of a beloved animal (first pet, a dog from next door, your fave fish from the flicks) and your own first name and POW! Based on those letters alone we’ve got you sorted. There’s nothing SNAFU about this operation:

See? Now you’re all set! You’ve got the name, you can read the book, you’re essentially ready to conquer the world!

What did you get? Are you a Clucking Socks, or a Fried Grin? Share it with us!

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Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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