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QUIZ: How well do you remember the lyrics to ‘Breaking Free’ from ‘High School Musical’


Please oh please can we just have ‘High School Musical 4’ now? It’s been a while since we last stepped into the halls of East High School with Troy and Gabriella, but we haven’t forgotten. And we just KNOW you know the lyrics to this iconic HSM song still.

Even if you won’t admit it to yourself, as soon as that chorus kicks in you’re away. So you can probs recall the entire song too, don’t fight it. Just the power of HSM move through you.

We’ve already had the duet we’ve been waiting a freakin’ lifetime for, and then teased and taunted with a new film, it’s enough to make a fangirl go crazy.

This is the HSM duet we’ve been waiting 11 years for:

QUIZ: Which ‘High School Musical’ couple are you and your bae?

So basically, are you ‘High School Musical’ af, or nah? Channel your inner Sharpay, put on your game face and totally slay this quiz. We can’t promise the song won’t be stuck in your head for the rest of the day though… Ready?

How did you do… Are your soaring, flying? Or was it a total flop? Share you score in the comments below.

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