QUIZ: Are you more Camila Cabello or Lauren Jauregui based on your pop music preferences?

If only we could be 50% of each…

We’ve seriously missed seeing Camila’s face with the Fifth Harmony girls since she left, but we’re so happy to see that she’s still #slaying. It’s even better knowing that, regardless of what have happened, all the girls still support each other and love each other!

Even though it feels like forever ago, we totally remember the first time all the Fifth Harmony girls met. With Lauren and Camila, it seemed like BFFs at first sight! We literally love both ladies and they each never fail to be our #beautygoals.

Here’s why we WON’T be listening to Camila Cabello’s debut solo single

Fifth Harmony are back up to 5 again and you’ll never guess who the new member is

Take this quiz to see whether you’re more like Camila or Lauren based on your pop music preferences! Be sure to share your results with us below and let us know who your fave pop music artist is.

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