Pretty Little Liars Recap: Do Not Disturb

We love ‘Pretty Little Liars’ here at MP! and it was full on drama rama this week! In case you missed it, here’s our recap.

WARNING: There are spoilers for S6 E15 in this article.

So we were all left suspecting Aria’s dad Byron as the killer of Charlotte last week weren’t we? When Aria sat down with her dad for a ‘private chat’, he told Aria that he’s re-engaged to her mum Ella… Again. (We’re kind of over it now…)tumblr_o2d2u1wgzP1rxyuiqo3_400 (1)

Meanwhile the hunt for the missing Radley hard drive is the focus of this episode. While Hanna is with Jordan she receives an emoji-ful text from A saying, “I get that drive or you get a broken heart, time is ticking.”

Hanna confronted her mum Ashley and they had a 30 second staring contest. It was tense man. After Ashley denied having the hard drive, this happened… tumblr_o2bmcxQuSN1tgk43qo1_r1_540 tumblr_o2bmcxQuSN1tgk43qo2_r1_540

Spencer is busy having lunch with Yvonne and it goes surprisingly well. After the lunch Yvonne dropped her phone, so obviously Spencer took it.

We nearly get a Haleb moment when Caleb is making a faux hard drive for Hanna to give A, and then Spencer shows up (we are not okay with this).tumblr_o2gonbs3601qd4fxko2_250 tumblr_o2gonbs3601qd4fxko4_250

Caleb makes a copy of Yvonne’s phone and Spencer returns it to the restaurant as ‘lost and found’. And someone said  “Oh, I thought I’d lost it!” But it’s wasn’t Yvonne. It. Was. MONA. tumblr_o1ya8kuwJs1sbybkfo2_500

Things get weird at Rosewood High when Ali is seen cosying up to Dr. Rollins. Before we have a chance to question that Sara Harvey showed up in Ali’s classroom? She reaches out to Ali and tries to bond over their mutual love of Charlotte. But Ali clearly didn’t believe a word of it. And neither do we. tumblr_o1ya8kuwJs1sbybkfo7_500

Side note: Sara Harvey said she doesn’t like brunch, so we can’t support her, ever.

Emily is getting ready for her operation and Ali sent her a text and went to the hospital with her. The Emison feels are so real in this ep.tumblr_o2cgzkRYTB1srz2ano2_250 tumblr_o2cgzkRYTB1srz2ano1_250

When Emily wakes up from her medical procedure she has what seems to be a hallucination of a nurse that looks like Sara Harvey. This nurse gives her some kind of IV. It was a bit strange. But Ali reassures Emily (and us) that Sara is no where around, thank goodness!tumblr_o24uc0pwpT1sbybkfo1_500

And now for our favourite part of this ep. Team Sparia! Aria casually whipped out her selfie stick to take a picture across the balcony to see if Sara was in her room. She wasn’t. And this happened…tumblr_o2c44cHm9M1t2kykgo1_500 tumblr_o2c44cHm9M1t2kykgo6_500 tumblr_o2c44cHm9M1t2kykgo5_500 tumblr_o2c44cHm9M1t2kykgo7_500

Once they get into Sara’s room they find loads of creepy stuff like a load of fake hands… That girl is weird isn’t she? They also found out that the room she’s been staying in, was Charlotte’s old room in Radley. No wonder she made herself so at home.tumblr_o2d2u1wgzP1rxyuiqo7_400

Aria went into the closet and didn’t come out. And when Spencer checked she saw a massive hole in the wall with a secret ladder. Another A lair perhaps? Is Aria okay? So. Many. Questions.

Hanna also quit her job, go on girl!tumblr_o2ch1dXPIz1tkbypmo2_400 tumblr_o2ch1dXPIz1tkbypmo3_400 tumblr_o2ch1dXPIz1tkbypmo4_400

And Emily received a rather cruel gift from A. Can everyone leave Emily alone, she’s been through too much already!tumblr_o2b70lQ9mm1rvq9xoo1_500

The faux hard drive that Caleb made had a virus on it and it takes control A’s computer, lol. The tables have turned, but how will A fight back? Let us know your fan theories on Twitter @maximumpop.

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