Pretty Little Liars Recap: New Guys, New Lies

Things are finally starting to get interesting, after a slow start to the second half of the new season of ‘Pretty Little Liars‘.


WARNING: There are spoilers for S6 E14 in this article.

After the girls accused Ezra of murdering Charlotte last week it’s no wonder he’s disappeared. Aria and Emily carried on their investigation and found a new suspect… Aria’s dad Byron.


Aria discovered that her dad’s 9-iron golf club went missing, and the new A said that it was the weapon used to kill Charlotte. The girls also saw Byron going up to a hotel room in Radley. When Aria was looking through Ezra’s golf clubs she got a voicemail from her dad saying they needed to speak “alone”. That’s not good is it?


Meanwhile Hanna spent this week getting honest with her nearest and dearest. After telling her fiancé about everything that’s happened, she asked her mum to steal Radley’s backup security camera drive. She also shared the news about Spencer and Caleb with Emily, and Emily is basically all of us.


Caleb and Spencer sealed the deal and then Caleb told Toby “out of respect”. Toby gave Spaleb his blessing and might propose to his new girlfriend, he’s still deciding. But he made it clear he isn’t actually that happy about Spaleb (it’s okay Toby none of us are).


Caleb obviously spent the entire episode trying to figure out who the new A is. And the Liars re-examined the photo of the 9-iron that A sent them. And in the background of the photo the floor matches a Radley room… So now they’re convinced it’s Aria’s dad. So. Much. Drama.

And the new A has defo stepped up their appearance and we really appreciate it, Thanks A.


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