1D are getting back together? Well, Zayn wouldn’t say no to a reunion!

We remember the heartbreaking pain we felt on the cursed day of 25th March when Zayn bid adieu to 1D. We never thought they’d ever get back together. Like, ever.


But it seems that Mr Malik has had a change of heart. Sort of. Speaking to The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine if there’s ever a 1D reunion, he’d consider attending!

“Who knows? I don’t know. If the time was right and that was the thing to do, then I would make that decision when it came around.”

We’re already saving up to purchase tickets to the show. But obvs, we want current 1D to come back first, who haven’t split up. THEY ARE ON A BREAK.


Would you love to see a 1D reunion Ft Zayn? Because we’re counting on it happening someday.

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