A summary of 2015, from the eyes of a One Direction fan

2015 is coming to an end. And it is only appropriate to look back and experience all the emotions we felt in the past 365 days. (Not really)


Now, if you are part of Justin Bieber’s fandom, 2015 was a great year for you, with Justin making a comeback in the music industry with style.


If you are part of the Taylor Swift fandom, you were probably excited and impatient about the ‘1989’ tour starting in May. In addition, Taylor kept slaying everyone, throughout the year, by posting one music video after another. (And she’s not done yet since OOTW comes out tonight)


But…(there’s always a but)


If you’re a fan of One Direction, 2015 felt like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane, sent from hell. It was one punch after another. Between Zayn officially leaving the band and the rest of the 1D boys announcing their Hiatus, it’s safe to say, this was the year that Directioners would love to pretend/wish didn’t exist.


From breakups, to twitter fights, to babies, each month brought a new package of rumours and internet drama for the fandom to deal with. To the point where everyone just focused on them and not on the other amazing things taking place, like Louis’s Charity ball.

It all seemed too fictional to be real. It felt like we were living a very badly written fanfiction, but the boys weren’t there to kiss everything better, or save the world with their fictional super powers, resulting in us being stressed to the very maximum and just waiting for the next shock.

The year started steadily, with everyone still buzzing over the boys’ latest album; FOUR and excited about their fourth tour ‘On the Road Again’ which started in February.

All five boys were present in this moment in time and seemed ready to travel the world yet again and promote their latest album. With each album, there was a slight difference in their sound compared to their last album, they sounded more mature, and their vocals improved (thanks to puberty).

Everyone was excited. The boys were excited. Their tour team was excited. And we were most definitely excited. A tour meant; a new merch line, more funny moment of the boys, more pictures and certainly more chances for us fans to meet them.


But then came March, and so did our first blow. Now a rumour about the boys on twitter was not an uncommon thing. It was something that was part of the package when you joined the 1D fandom. However, this rumour was confirmed, and left majority of the fandom heart-broken. Our favour couple; Eleanor and Louis had called it quits after four years of dating.


We were in shock. But this was just the beginning…


On March 19, Zayn took a ‘little’ break from the tour due to ‘stress’. He had only missed one performance when rumours about him leaving the band started to go around on Twitter. But we were strong and willing to defend him, saying that he would definitely come back. One day turned into two, which turned into three and so on. Everyone was frustrated and concern and worried about why they hadn’t heard anything regarding Zayn yet…Then, 6 days later, on 25th March, the announcement of Zayn officially leaving the band was announced on the One Direction Facebook page.

No one knew what was happening behind closed-door, but everyone in the fandom lost their chill (shit). Some thought that it was a sick joke, while some felt they were let down because they were hoping to see all five boys on the tour, while some felt like he betrayed the rest of the boys and the fandom by leaving. But the majority of us just wanted a personal good-bye from him after supporting him for the past four years.


More drama came from this as a “friend” of Zayn decided to cause drama on Twitter, which resulted in a Zouis spat. Most of us were shocked and heart-broken because they were best of friends; basically brothers when Zayn was still part of the band. But, here they are fighting in front of the whole fandom. We knew something bigger was behind it , but we also realised that we would never truly know everything that happens behind closed doors.

After Zayn’s departure, the majority of the fandom focused on the remaining four boys with fans organising projects for the boys show, letting them know that we’re going to be supporting them and be there for them till the end.


We started to worry more about their health, as we now knew that sometimes things get a little too much for them; as they, after all are actual people and not just machines that are there for our enjoyment. They were four twenty or so year old men who are just trying to make people happy.

Not many artists, tour for four years, produce four (now five) albums, charity events, album promotion, and more, all in the span of five years without a proper break, but they did it.

As spring continued on, we all felt extra close with the boys, especially Louis; after him standing up for the whole fandom and stuff. Although some fans were still mourning the loss of Zayn, everything seemed pretty chill. Then summer came along, with the boys announcing their partnership with the world leaders and invited us to be part of action/1D and make a difference for the world. Making us truly feel part of the family again.

Then BANG! Louis was in the headlines and on front cover for many gossip magazines. Louis is having a baby, they said. Some reacted to that statement, while the majority waited for a confirmation from Louis Tomlinson, himself. And when that happened on ‘Good Morning America’ everyone lost their shit AGAIN. Twitter was on fire, with people coming up with theories and the whole fandom going absolutely mental with the news.


This time more than ever, the fandom was questioning everything that was taking place behind closed doors. But since we weren’t going to get any answers or explanation anytime soon, we just made up our own or just left the case and accepting the fact that it wasn’t our place to interfere or judge.

Then came August, where Louis’s Cinderella ball for Believe in Magic – a charity dedicated to spreading magic to terminally and seriously ill children, took place. Where he raised a whopping £5 MILLION. We got to experience lots of magical moments that night along with all the princesses that attended the ball. We got Lilo together in suits. We got Louis dancing with beautiful princesses. We got Louis being silly with kids. We got Liam playing the guitar and being a cute tiger. We got Louis being an amazing human being who was spreading so much happiness to everyone who was present in that room that day. There were so much good things happening that day, that we almost forgot all the drama that took place at the beginning of the year.


We were then rewarded by a surprise music video of ‘Drag Me Down’ from the boys. It was the first music video without Zayn, which was a bit upsetting, but it showed the strong bond between the four remaining boys.

A new single meant a new album. This was shortly announced later, with the boys doing their usual early releases of certain songs on pre-order.

During this time the boys announced their break. At first everyone was sure that it was the end. But after numerous interviews of boys assuring the fans that they are in fact coming back and with ‘History’ being their next single everyone is almost certain that the boys will be making a comeback soon.

Niall stayed pretty chilled and quite throughout the year. Still being 1D’s No.1 fan. Liam had a few rough patches, with him and Sophia breaking up, him not being treated well at times, and making minor mistakes on Twitter. He did his usual and apologised for things that were misunderstood.  There was a moment of panic when One Direction had to cancel a show because Liam had fell ill. But everything was cleared up. Harry’s hair continued to be beautiful and grew longer, and he remained to be the kind and beautiful human being that he is. We also didn’t have any rumours regarding his December girlfriend this year.

The boys ended their tour with one final performance onThe X Factor final, before beginning their hiatus.


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