10 signs pointing to One Direction never getting back together, Niall’s James Bond etc.

1. Harry’s ditched 1D management team. Word on the street is, he’s ditched his original management to go in a different direction for his solo career. (No pun intended.)giphy

2. Louis is a dad. Tomlinson’s gone and popped one out, not literally him, it was Briana but he’s going to be awfully busy wiping bums from now on.

Meet my little lad, Freddie 👶

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3. Niall is going to be James Bond. Daniel Craig pretty much confirmed it himself.large (3) 4. Louis going to be the next Simon Cowell. After his debut on The X Factor as a guest judge we are pretty sure that’s not the last we will see of Tomo on a talent show panel.1445770545-tumblr-nwrie6mp061qg0fg0o1-500 5. The ‘History’ music video was a goodbye if ever we did see one. It literally is the saddest most final thing we’ve ever watched in our lives. Bloody Zayn’s even in itgiphy 6. Ronan Keating said if they don’t get back together sooner rather than later it could be too late. Ronan gave his advice on the guys break, being a former fellow boy band member. (Went solo didn’t he, Harry’s going to do a Ronan isn’t he.)tumblr_ma87fxTnxH1r86zcwo1_500 7. Liam’s making beats with Juicy J. Liam’s just transformed himself from Daddy Direction to Ghetto Superstar in 0 to 100.

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8. Niall’s going to become Ellen Degeneres stunt double. We think we’ve all known this for some time now.tumblr_mdjobs7l2B1qdawifo4_500

9. They have so much money, they don’t ever have to actually do anything ever again. Could pay someone to shower them every morning (we’ll do it!)One-Direction-GIF

10. What boyband have had a short break that have actually got back together, like properly? Like not after 10 years. Take That? No. Boyzone? No. N Sync? Definitely not.tumblr_mw8nde7nBf1qdnlrso1_500

Are we being paranoid? Yes of course we are. They’re in it for keeps.

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