OMG! This YouTuber is showing you how to make Harry Potter makeup palettes out of books

Accio, beautiful DIY palettes!

There have been so many good Harry Potter style and beauty finds recently, we’re beginning to lose track.

From Hogwarts house-inspired makeup to an EPIC selection of HP pins, cyberspace really is letting us delve into our fave literary fandom in all the best ways possible right now.


The latest thing we’ve stumbled across is an incredible (and we mean INCREDIBLE) tutorial from riddikulously talented YouTuber Hey Amy Jane.

In her video tutorial, Amy shows us how we can create a DIY Harry Potter eyeshadow palette out of a book – IT’S LIKE ACTUAL MAGIC, PEOPLE.

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Surprisingly, the whole DIY thing is much easier than you might think. All it involves is cutting the lose eyeshadows trays out of an existing makeup palette and sticking them in your favourite HP book – you don’t even need any spells.

Soz Professor Flitwick.

Take a look for yourself…

There is SOME bad news though – you will have to cut some pages out of a book to be able to stick the makeup in. We know, guys, our hearts are breaking too! You’re probably yelling ‘HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE THAT CRUEL?!’ at your screens right now and we don’t blame you.

BUT the results do look incredible, so it’s definitely worth it. Plus you can pick up a spare copy of the book to cut into (we recommend checking out your local charity shop), so it doesn’t have to be your favourite edition! Phew.


You can even create themed palette that include the same colours as your Hogwarts house, just like Amy has in the video. They all look SO cool.

Amy also has heaps of other Harry Potter DIYs on her channel – and we’re completely obsessing over them. Obvs.

Ever wanted to make your own Butterbeer? Of course you have! Well, Amy’s got a recipe. In the video she also shows you how you can make your own DIY wands and a lost sock holder… inspired by our favourite house elf, Dobby.

Let us know your favourite creation in the comments below. Will you be trying any of these DIYs? We certainly will be.

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