MP!er Laura loves ‘Not If I See You First’s’ main character Parker as she feels they deal with their disabilities in similar ways.

‘Not If I See You First’ is the gorgeous, romantic, heart-rending debut YA novel from Eric Lindstrom. Parker’s story of running, dealing with her father’s death and re-thinking how things ended with her ex-boyfriend (all as a blind main character!) is one that had us giggling, gasping and also in tears. We want everyone to read it, but don’t take our word for it, check out what MP!er Laura thought of it below.


As the book starts you’re introduced to Parker Grant, our main character, who is blind. Have you ever read a book before where the main character is blind or, more widely, has a disability? I have read books where the main character is dying from cancer or a serious life-threatening illness but I have never reads book where the character is blind or has a disability. I have enjoyed this book so much.

Parker has a list of rules that the people around her need to follow, although she reconsiders them as she goes along. What did you think of these? I think it is a good idea to have list of rules because it makes it easier for Parker and other people so there is no unpleasant surprises. In fact, I sympathy with Parker as I am profoundly deaf which I have been since 18 months old and I have rules too. My peers find then so useful.

Was there anything about Parker’s life you found particularly surprising? Parker is an amazing woman, she never lets anything get in her way and I love that she goes out her way to lead a normal life and to achieve everything she wants and never lets anyone or anything to stops her from that.

If you had to recommend this book to a friend, what would be the best thing you’d tell them? e.g. writing, humour, characterisation, plot etc. I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends and family as this book is full of humour and you feel that you are actually involve in the story.

Did you have a favourite character? Tell us why! Parker is my favourite character as she reminds me of me, we are so similar where dealing with our disabilities is concerned.

Can you remember your favourite line or scene? My favourite scene is where Parker runs around the tracks at her own speed with the help of her friend, Molly, telling her through her mobile ear piece when she was going off the track. I thought it was so funny when she was running so fast that she ends up crashing into Scott.

Rate out of 10. 10/10.

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