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“I have a few favorites on this upcoming album,” Normani Kordei talks confidence, being judged and the new 5H album!

Fifth Harmony are blessing us with all these magazine interviews and Normani has spoken with Cliche Magazine about the judgement in the music bizz and having confidence in herself.

“I saw confidence in others but lacked it in myself. I have always been my worst critic, and I’ve over analyzed everything.” But now, she’s fearless AF.  “I have grown so much in the past few years and have become fearless, confident, lionhearted, valiant, and powerful in my own right.”


“In this business, you’re constantly under a microscope and always being judged by people who don’t really know you.” That’s not the first we’ve heard something like this, but Normani has learnt to ignore and disregard it.


Switching to 5H’s new album, Normani tells that her fave 5H work is yet to be released, ooo! “Although I love the body of work we have done, I would say that my favorite has yet to be released. I have a few favorites on this upcoming album, but one song in particular has really grown on me. I can’t say much about this song, but when it’s released, you’ll know. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”



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