Using your partner in your music video is always a risk, so let’s just pray for #Zigi right now

As far as we’re aware, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are a legit couple and the former even has is gorgeous girlfriend in his first music video for ‘Pillowtalk’, but speaking from previous experiences there seems to be a curse on that.


Welcome to our trip down memory lane of musicians using their partners in their music videos before splitting up forever.


First up we’ve got John Mayer adding Katy Perry into his music video for ‘Who You Love’ in 2013.

Jason Derulo just had to have Jordin Sparks in his music video for ‘Marry Me’.

Then there’s the repeat offenders. The Jonas Brothers had Nick Jonas’ then girlfriend Selena Gomez in their video for ‘Burnin’ Up’.

And then released their music video for ‘Lovebug’ on the same date with Joe Jonas’ girlfriend Camilla Belle.

The Jonas Brothers aren’t the only band that went there though. Maroon 5 also featured Adam Levine’s ex Anna Vyalitsyna in two of their videos, namely ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ and ‘Misery’.

If you’re thinking it’s just male artists who do this though, think again. Because Vanessa Hudgens had Zac Efron in her music video for ‘Say OK’.

And then, in case you don’t remember: Cody Simpson’s video for his song ‘Surfboard’ featured Gigi Hadid herself.

Honestly, we get why someone would use their partner in their music video, but maybe sparing a thought to a possible split might be a good idea.

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