The seven stages of emotions you probably went through listening to ‘PILLOWTALK’ if you’re 1D AF

So solo Zayn has risen and there’s lots of mixed emotions about it. But if you’re 1DAF here’s the stages of emotions you probably went through when Mr Malik dropped the fresh new track…

1. Refusal

“No. He left us. He fought with Louis. I’m backing my boys ALL THE WAY.”


2. Temptation

“But people are talking about it. Apparently it’s really good… no, no. I won’t do it.”


3. Give in 

“Sod it, I’ll give it a listen. It’s just listening.”

give in

4.  Emotional 

“It’s been so long since we’ve heard that angelic voice…”


5. Caving

“Sod it, it’s a masterpiece!”

I give up gif

6. Addiction

“I can’t seem to stop pressing replay….”


7. Admitting your love for your Bradford Bad Boi

“I can love both 1D and Zayn!”

Love you

Remember, it’s okay to love 1D and Zayn because we know deep down your OT5 heart beats strongly. Ours does, too.

1d gif

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