The Mendes Army reveal why they’re so dedicated to Shawn Mendes and we are officially in tears

It’s time for our latest MP! Superfan of the Week and this time we’ve chosen ShawnMendesNews. We believe they deserve to be recognised for their unfailing dedication to their idol, for their creativity, for promoting positivity and for being THE BEST DAMN THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!


We spoke to the owner about what it takes to be the best of the best of the best…

Who owns the account?

I am Ronja, a sixteen year old girl from Norway.

Why are you a fan of Shawn Mendes?

There are so incredibly many reasons as to why I support Shawn. I support him simply because I truly believe he is the most incredible human being on the planet and I genuinely think he deserves all the support and love in the whole entire world.

Shawn is extremely talented, passionate, zealous, driven and creative. And as a songwriter and a music enthusiast in general, I have been struck with such inspiration by his complete infatuation with music and overall exceptional intellectual and musical ability. Shawn is also the most humble, genuine, kindhearted, honourable, open-minded and heartwarmingly thoughtful and caring person I have ever met who also has such a good head on his shoulders. I know that for a fact. He carries himself so well and I absolutely love how modest he is; how he is never afraid to be himself fully and how he impressively handles stressful situations with such grace and equanimity.

From being placed in the music industry as a fifteen year old to now, he has had a lot on his plate, but he has been so incredible and has never taken any of what he has received for granted. He is a person filled with so much light and kindness, you could say he literally glows from the amount of radiance and beauty he holds. He sets the perfect example to someone who deserves every ounce of respect and recognition they have because they have worked unbelievably hard for what they have today.

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How long have you been a fan of Shawn Mendes?

I have been supporting Shawn for about three years now, and they have been the three most wonderful years of my life.

What’s your favourite Shawn Mendes song?

This is such a hard question for me, especially because you grow so attached to them for so many different reasons. I think they are all so amazing and significant to me in their own ways, but I could say that I believe that both ‘The Weight’ and ‘Three Empty Words’ are two songs where he has really managed to display his lyrical skills and he should be so proud of the songs, because I really am.

Another song that I just cannot leave out is “Bad Reputation”. It has been my jam ever since it came out and I love the song to death. Unreal amount of good vibes on “Illuminate”.

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Has Shawn ever noticed the account?

Shawn has noticed the account a couple of times which I think is so lovely. It is always nice to know that the person that you adore and support appreciates the things you say. It puts the biggest smile on my face every single time.

Have you ever met Shawn?

Luckily I have met Shawn a bunch of times and he has always been so nice. I think he deserves a lot of credit for always taking his time to embrace and approach those waiting for him whether those are small groups, hundreds, or even thousands. He goes out of his way to do it even when he is exhausted and on a tight schedule.


Why do you think people are so engaged with your fan account?

I try to be as creative as I can with my posts and I love to honour those that have put time and effort into creating awesome things for Shawn and showing him love, whether that is fan art, videos or projects and such.

Though I am an update account, I feel that my biggest responsibility alongside updating is to promote love and positivity as much as I can because I know I have a large amount of followers and a crowd to speak to. Acknowledging that and using the platforms I have to spread kindness like Shawn does is so important to me. And it is also so important to me that everyone in the fandom as well as those that are outside of it think that The Mendes Army is the greatest and nicest fandom to be a part of.

What differentiates you from other Shawn Mendes accounts?

Well, I take pride in knowing I was the first person ever to run an update account for Shawn and I am really happy about how far I have come with it. I don’t know what else to say. I guess we are all the same in a way, just a lovely bunch of individuals.


What is your fave Shawn Mendes project that you have ever taken part in?

My favourite project that I ever organized for him must probably be when I decided to teach the fans at an exclusive soundcheck at his show in Oslo a song that I wrote for Shawn, and have them serenade him while he was onstage. He was very touched which made me tear up at some point, because him knowing that he is truly appreciated means everything to me. He said we were sweet and I am over the moon about managing to go through with the project, especially because it was his biggest show on that tour and he was really nervous to perform there for the first time.

The main intention was to reassure him in a way, help him get rid of the nerves and show him that he didn’t have to be nervous, because we were all there for him. He was amazing and the show went on to become one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Being a part of a fan project and successfully performing it gives such a rewarding feeling. The high hopes, time, effort, sweat & tears are all worth it just to see your fave with the biggest smile on their face. Link to the video of the project:

I am super excited for the future projects I will be taking part in as well as “Illuminate for Shawn” which you can find here and join if you want to:


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What do you think of Shawn’s relationship with his fans? 

I think that the bond we have with him is so real, so extraordinary and simply unbreakable. What we have with him is so special, you don’t see it everywhere.

I think the reason why we have such a strong relationship with him is because there is just so much honesty and trust going on. He is always straightforward with us when he speaks out on certain matters and I think over the years he has continuously shown us that he is someone we can trust to never change. Shawn has been so incredibly open with us and I believe that the main reason as to why we are this close with him is because he has allowed us to be this close to him. That is what makes it so genuine, the fact that he wants this as much as we do. When we connect, it’s not fake at all and you can so easily tell. The vibe is always so real because the feeling flows both ways.

I give him so much credit for opening up to us and trusting us too, because not every artist or celebrity takes the time to learn what their fans like or think. It just proves how much he loves us and values our opinions and needs. He takes what we say into consideration and he never ceases to put the biggest smiles on our faces with his heart warming tweets about how much he loves us literally all of the time. Proudly standing in the crowd of thousands for Shawn at Madison Square Garden, there was one thing he said that has stuck with me till this day: “What we have.. This is not a fan to an artist relationship. This is a person to person relationship.”

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Thank so much for answering our questions! We adore you. Keep on being the best update account The Mendes Army fan could wish for.

Now it’s your turn to let us know why you love Shawn using the comments box below.

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