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Meet the fashion brand that’s here to convince you periods are cool

There’s still a huge stigma surrounding periods in today’s society, which we don’t really understand because almost half the world gets them – right? Like c’mon guys, this isn’t the 19th century anymore.


We were super excited to see an Olympic athlete tackle the taboo at Rio ’16 and now even the fashion world is speaking up. Meet ‘Monki’ – the awesome brand that’s here to convince you periods are cool. Yes, really.


To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, the brand has launched a series of campaigns called ‘Monkifesto‘ featuring 10 empowering statements that normalise not only periods but body hair, masturbation and a range of other topics too.

The period campaign is fronted by Kiran Gandhi, the musician and activist who ran the 2015 London Marathon while bleeding freely with the aim to jump-start a discussion about sexism around the world.


Why? Because “no one should have feel ashamed of or be bullied for or even stigmatised because of a bodily function that makes the world go round.” PERIOD. We salute ya, girl.

You keep up with Monki by finding their username in our Snapchat Directory, as well as thousands of other brands.

We think this is a pretty cool way to normalise periods, but what do you make of the campaign? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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