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Did you spot Louise Pentland in last night’s Comic Relief?

Selfie queen!

Red Nose Actually, the much talked about ‘Love Actually’ charity sequel, was actually pretty good telly. If you loved the heck out of the original film then you would have definitely got a kick out of this Comic Relief special.

And it wasn’t just the original cast popping on screen, we spied a few of our fave YouTubers in there, including Louise Pentland. Did you?

Posing as journos, it was a little bit “blink and you’ll miss it” but what tipped us off was Louise’s iconic style… Plus this selfie moment with Martine McCutcheon:

But she wasn’t the only one making a cameo in this short flick. Three other YouTubers are also in this scene with Hugh Grant (ask your mum, he was fit once upon a time). Zoella’s boo Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee and Niomi Smart:

You can watch the full show on the BBC iPlayer to have a go at “spot your fave”. Once you know, you can’t NOT see them. It’s SO CUTE! Plus it reportedly raised £71m for the charity. WOW!

Tell us what you thought of ‘Red Nose Day Actually’ in the comments below. And don’t forget, if you did any fundraising for it, you can donate the cash collected at ANY bank or building society.

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